Episode 136 Recap

Void Squid and Mysteries in the Water

(Written by memory 15 months after playing… details are hazy)

The void squid attacks, grappling our entire ship, The Scimitar. The four flying masked squid riders spread out around the ship, hovering in the void and began casting powerful attack spells. Our group went on the counter attack, Moir and Deahga fighting the riders, while Rand, Shah and Sentinel the Iron Baron battle the squid.

After catastrophic damage to The Scimitar, maximum effort and use of most our resources, we killed 3 riders while the squid and 4th rider escaped. We learned that the squids mouth was actually a portal directly to a dungeon on our same plane, likely where the riders come from. The Squid could dimension door and used it to good effect in getting away. With clever Shah’s teleport boots put to good use, he and Rand escaped the dungeon after being swallowed and pursued the squid, almost slaying it. But it was clever in its own way and killed Rand’s beloved mount Qas Am Unaat, the celestial fire griffon, eliminating our ability to effectively pursue.

Sentinel, demonstrating epic athletic skill as usual, leaped between flying enemies, pummeling them as well as demoralizing them, all the while scoffing at the need to actually fly. In the mean time Moir and Deahga showed overpowering casting strength clinching our victory.

The unusual void riders had 4 arms, spoke an unknown language, willingly chose sacrifice, worked as a team, were tactically organized in combat and were highly formidable. We captured one of their masks, and when investigating its magical use we discovered it provides a type of 3rd person view of oneself, enabling the user to see all around oneself at once. The apparent commander of these riders spoke to another of them, while Moir’s spell granted him understanding: “These foes are tougher than our usual quarry, go back and tell the others, we will stay and fight, and die if neccesary.” (or something like that)

After the destruction of our ship – on it’s maiden voyage no less! Deahga summoned giant eagles for the group to ride on until we could regroup. On board the ship was our minimal combat crew. They took cover below deck in the ships’ pocket dimension during the attack, but when the damaged ship could no longer sustain flight the wreckage fell below the cloud storms below, to an unknown fate. Moir created another type of small dimension that we rested the night within and recovered.

Our purpose for going down into the void was only strengthened by the fight, first to see if there was any rescue for our lost crew, and second was our original motive; seek out our lost Spyglass. For the next 3 days we continued in the same way, Deahga casting spells allowing us to fly and move with stealth, Moir providing a safe resting place each night. We were all surprised to find there is a bottom to the void, land and terrain and water just like the floating motes. There were buildings, roads and a population. We traveled as a mist, allowing us to move undetected through the void clouds, but it also obscured our own view, so we couldn’t see any details of the civilization we were travelling above. We could hear things however, and it did seem as though we passed what sounded like a form of arena. Something to investigate after finding the Spyglass. Of note were giant pillars placed evenly among the civilization which we discovered was to create a kind of web of feather fall, on a city wide scale. An essential protection for those that live below falling motes. This also suggests all that’s fallen in the past might not be lost. Again, something to investigate.

Moir’s detection of the Spyglass lead us passed the civilization and off the coast of the voids bottom land. When we reached the point directly above where we detected our prize to be we paused for the night, readying our preparation for the next day. We detected movement of the Spyglass from one place to another directly below us, indicating that it was not merely at rest at the bottom of this mysterious sea but in somethings possession.

The next morning we used all the extensive resources we had at our command to provided as much protective and preparatory magic as possible. We were going underwater – always treacherous – to fetch what was ours and we were ready for a fight. We approached the water line, and cautiously submerged. All our spells making for safe controlled descent. Down we went, spreading out in a wide line, when it happened… A spell of the highest kind of power struck all of us except for Sentinel furthest out on our right flank. The spell immediately ended all our temporary enhancing spells, and quite alarmingly, suppressed our permanent ones as well. Stuck deep under water, weighted down by gear and armor, can’t breath and facing perhaps our most formidable opponent so far… A poor situation indeed, will our hero’s survive? We’ve been waiting a year and half to resolve this cliff hanger.



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