Episode 134 Recap

Goodbye Zinnaerris, hello New Grifton

Deagha and Sentinel quickly capture the two Orcs outside the secret passage. Deagha investigates the small void skiff (sail/row boat) tied off at the motes edge, then notices the Orc hiding among the trees watching him. Deagha unleashes a furious storm of heat, wind and thorns against this loan Orc. Overkill to be sure, but then suddenly not so sure. The Orc is overjoyed to see him, is immune to fire and Greater Teleports away. We have a new enemy on the horizon.

We question the captured Orcs, they confirm that they were working with the evil young woman. She’s been supplying them with people, so they can be sacrificed to the Blood God. Who has a very tall, unpleasant, darkly ominous tower at the neighboring mote. The home of these Orcs. The woman confirms the story after returning to consciousness and is bound, tight. The overpowered Orc that got away is the leader and a ‘chosen’ of the blood god. We condemn the Orcs and slit open their throats.

The woman is arrogant and unafraid, taunting and beguiling. She was hot. Yes actually hot, and heating up more. We take her out back and to throw water on her but to no avail, it steams off. She says she is being called home by the blood god. In an attempt keep her from the Blood God, Rand takes off her head. But even after that her whole body continues to heat and evaporated away.

Before she left however, she also revealed the mayor of the town has been willingly turning a blind eye to the disappearances caused by her. We would deal with him later. And the Blood God is drawing his power together, working towards something. And we can’t stop it. We’ll see.

After some debate the group decides to take the skiff to the Orc mote on the next day. But that very night the Dark tower in the distance on the Orc mote lights into a devastating inferno. Still there but engulfed in flames. So intense it cast shadows on our mote miles away.

We make our plans and head over. Korrak staying behind to sail our ship if need be, watch the suspicious mayor and be the rear guard.

We arrive at the mote, with mostly Moir and Deagha casting all kinds of buffing spells we teleport to the top of the Tower. We are faced with an enormous demon, which we recognize as the overpowered Orc Deagha first met. He is sucking souls from the orcs below and channeling the energy to crack a divinely encased, huge egg suspended in the air above the tower.

We go to battle immediately, Sentinel slamming away, and Moir casting. But the demon has complete control over Orcs, even beloved, heroic goodly half-orcs. The monster magically picks up Zinnaerris and brings her close, despite her struggles she was helpless in the face of his power. To all of our horror, we watched as the demon sucked the soul right from Zinnaerris. Her body turned to ash and wisped away. The demon was gleeful as he channeled Zinnaerris’ life force towards the egg. We heard a great crack, and the magical runes encasing the egg shatter and fall off.

Rand comes to his senses, charges the brute with his own great and terrible divine fury. In a small moment he slays the vile demon dead.

But the battle has only begun. The Egg falls open and from it emerges the spawn of the Blood God. The babe of Orborus himself. A dragon made of fire descends to the tower top. Breaths a wicked fire upon Rand and Deagha. And from the flames crops up fire elementals. The group, undeterred, closes in on the Seed of Evil. But it enshrouds itself in dark smoke, intending on this fight being one in which we are blind.

Deagha has other plans.

He summons the fury of nature from miles in every direction, channeling all the wind to the top of the embattled tower. The dark smoke is feeble in comparison, is blow away, and reveals the young God’s Spawn; suddenly afraid. We see the enemy, it knows it, and so do we. It’s done for… In the end it was Shah who got the final blow. The Spawn of Orborus died on the top of that black tower.



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