Episode 107 Recap

Orborus's Angel


Having just trounced a horde of vicious were-rats, the party look for an exit from the tunnel system. A path is chose that terminates at a small enclave of were-rat priests that had escaped the previous fray. They are standing in front of a large circular wooden symbol, hanging on the wall in front of an altar that is utterly evil. It is suspected this is due to it being a place of human sacrifice, possibly infants, as the ones seen roasting on a stick in the outer chamber. These sinister rectors are quickly dashed.

The group’s instincts suggest that the tunnels have some sentient component that is preventing their escape. Much time is spent declaring their intentions, verbally to the tunnels. “The tunnels respond to what we say!” The walls change when Sentinel is reluctant to say he wasn’t a friend of the dragon and they also change when Rand said he was against the Green Wyrm. Bork tells everyone that the rooms only seemed to move when the giant was sleeping.

Shaw detects good on the walls and passes out. He awakes in a state of euphoria, comparable in intensity as to when Rand detected evil on the Green Wyrm. This confirms the tunnels’s sentience and that they are extremely good.

Suddenly, from a side passage, erupts an outpouring of skeletons and zombies. Fraas hits the main front with fireballs. Bork and Shah climb up on a pile of wood and rubble for a better vantage. In the undead company are more heavily armored skeletons, with glowing blue eye sockets, and their implied leader who makes frightening clacking noises with its teeth. These more advanced undead stay spread out and away from the rest of the mindless zombies. The leader sends a minion away down the halls. He then steps forward, tossing an onyx stone that the spellcasters in the party know turns a corpse into undead, perhaps hoping for one of the adventurers to follow and join his army. At his displeasure, the party was victorious. At this clear action in fear of our motivations by swarming the party with undead out of the tunnels, the party makes sure to announce that they were on the path of good, and the tunnels shift again.

Keeping in mind that Zinn was still potentially going to turn into a were-rat the group made their way further in hopes of finding the Oracle right away. Eventually, they stumble upon his chamber and after waking him up ask him if he can cure Zinn or if his deity is able. He doesn’t remember who is deity is, and cries immense tears at the shame of forgetting that fact. His eyes are still cloudy. He tells the group that he needs a holy symbol in order to pray. Someone had stolen it from him long ago. Sentinel notices the oracle has a circular indentation in his hand of the same size as the disk the wererats were worshipping. Rand supposes the disk on the were-rats altar is indeed his holy symbol. After retrieving it and bringing it to the Oracle, he seems pleased, even hopeful, but he says he needs rest in order to have the strength to try the spell. The party tells him of the various spells they need the next day: remove disease for Zinn sudden thirst for cheese, restoration for the draining the party has suffered, and break enchantment for the leftover stone statues. With that, the party spends the night in the Oracle’s chamber.

After several hours of rest the giant awakes and says he’s ready to try the spell. Before the Oracle tries the spell he asks if anyone wants to seek forgiveness. Sentinel and Fraas notice that Zidan seems very uncomfortable with the idea. Bork accepts. The giant then picks Zinn up in his hand to begin work on removing her disease. Zinn feels a weight lifted as the curse is dispelled. Suddenly, the disk catches fire and Zinn sees in a brief flash of an image of a dark tower that reminds her of one near her homeland. Zinn is chucked from the giant’s grasp and his eye begin clearing and he roars with deep strangled pain. The tunnels begin shaking to make the escalating intensity of his trauma.

Sentinel climbs the giant and makes a brute force attempt to remove the token. This fails. A giant crack forms across the floor. Zidan falls down but lands on ledge unconscious, sizzling. Bork casts enlarge person on everyone and is able to pull Zidan out of the fissure, which beging to glow with portal-like emanations. In a desperate attempt to remove the source of anguish, Zinn tries chopping off the giant’s arm, but his flesh is to impenetrable. She swings at the enflamed symbol but her axe melts upon striking.

From the rift in the floor, an Erinyes emerges and flies up into the chamber. With the instability of tunnels creating immediate and progressive danger to his fellows, and with no other apparent option, Aven fires the magical “Kill Good” arrow at the giant. It plunges into the Oracle’s chest and as he dies, he turns to stone, as does the symbol, he crumbles to pieces. The crack in the floor immediately seals.

The group’s effort turns to dispelling the flighty she-devil. Fraas blinds her with glitterdust. Zinn splatters her with rocks. The Erinyes regains her sight and teleports to the giant’s throne where she casts a protective malaise cloud on any who passed beneath her. She shrieks, “Orburos smite my enemies!” Sentinel and Rand eventually break through her protective spells and deliver to her, her final sensations of pain.

With the stone giant dead, the walls no longer seem alive nor do they glow good. Zidan parts ways with the rest of the group taking the child statue with him, into another of the tunnels. He says he can’t tell them where he way going, and the he didn’t know how his people would react, but he suspected that they’d all meet again. Rand asks if his people ride griffons, to which Zidan says, “yes.”

Gloomily, the party make their way back to the tavern through Archibald’s store room. Zinn recalls what she felt and saw in the wooden symbol when it burst into flame. The group take the opportunity to test for any lingering hankerings for a block of cheese.



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