Episode 108 Recap


Arvellan Twinblade, the Magistrate of Griffton.

Ayez 28 (Day 1)

The party returned to Griffton after the Oracle’s death. Rand, Bork, Sentinel, Fraas, Shah, Zinnearis and Gfedcba stayed at the luxury suite in the tavern. Aven went off on his own and was spotted intermittently over the next twelve days.

Ayez 29 (Day 2)

Rand ordered magical armor from his father. The party contributed 1400 GP toward its purchase. Zinnaeris ordered a mundane battle axe from Rose. Bork made a number of healing potions. Fraas, Bork and Zinnaeris copied spells from each others’ books.

That night in their suite at the tavern, Zinnaeris showed the party a hand-painted picture book her mother had given her as a small child. It tells the tale of a heroic lady half-orc on a series of adventures. In one of the pictures, Zinnaeris fights alongside a knight who everyone agrees looks strikingly similar to Zidan. Fraas and Zinnaeris detected magic on the book and discovered three auras: a light aura of illusion, a moderate aura of transmutation, and an unknown strong aura.

Ayez 30 (Day 3)

Gfedcba played the lyre to mine stone from the Barduk family quarry in order to build a wall around Griffton. Three thousand five-foot blocks of stone were mined, as Gfedcba played for 10 hours straight.

Tan 1 (Day 4)

A caravan of ships arrived at Griffton. Rand, Sentinel, Fraas, Shaw and Zinnaeris observed the new arrivals on the docks. Zinnaeris and Fraas detected magic on the crowd and saw two sailors carrying a trunk of magical items. They also noticed Archibald Bush was there and that the space behind his eyepatch was glowing. He was looking intently at the crowd as if searching for something or someone.

Later that day in the marketplace, Shaw, Fraas, and Zinn found the owner of the magical items, a merchant named Yannick. He was selling: a feather that turns into a bird, which can deliver a message anywhere (500 GP), a scroll of gust of wind, a wand of magic mouth, and a divine staff of healing (15,000 GP). When they attempted to bargain with Yannick, he offered a deal, once the paladin left the vicinity, the remainder of the group having agreed to meet Yannick at the site of Shah’s ongoing beach bonfires. Yannick said he would give them all the items for free if one of them would sign a contract allowing Yannick’s consciousness to ride along with them. Yannick even offered to amend the contract to be more specific (10 days instead of an unspecified period of time), but the party found the unknown elements of the trade too risky and eventually turned Yannick down.

That evening, Sentinel was patrolling the marketplace when he spotted a hooded elf with the Green Wyrm’s insignia on his tabard, worn over exceptionally clean plate armor. It looked like Lord Garland from a distance.

Tan 2-6 (Day 5-9)

Time passed uneventfully. The armored elf was found to be staying in the room next to the party’s suite, and he quietly kept to himself. Rand remarked that a powerful evil radiated from him. He was later found to have been spending a great deal of time with the magistrate.

Tan 7 (Day 10)

The wall was built, spanning the western edge of the city center. About a half of the mined stone remains unused, piled near the outskirts of town.

Tan 9 (Day 11)

Archibald Bush called Bork into his office to discuss a break-in. A wheel of cheese and several bottles of wine were stolen. A container of flour had spilled and there were small flour foot prints trailing back through the portal.

Bork arranged a way for Zinnaeris to see her picture book as it really was. She relayed what she saw to the party.

Tan 10 (Day 12)

The party picked up their new gear from Rand’s father and ventured into the tunnels to follow the flour footprints. They found that the trail coincided with Zidan’s (the dragged statue) up to a certain point before breaking away. They led to a door into a small room with a stone sarcophagus and five kobolds. The party killed four of the kobolds. The last, a magical type, who had called lightning to strike the group, fled further into the tunnels. They pursued and came upon another group of kobolds in a large room with two overlapping circular runes on the floor and the opposite passage carved to resemble a dragon’s open mouth, from which emitted a slight breeze and a low, wheezing laugh. Beyond the dragon’s teeth there were two mangled kobold bodies and a staircase that descended into darkness. Fraas killed the massed kobolds with a fireball spell, but immediately afterward, the runes glowed red and the bodies came back to “life” as zombies. Then the two bodies just beyond the dragon’s teeth turned into shadows. The party managed to defeat the undead kobolds and then the shadows. After further inspecting the room, they noticed an inscription in Draconic runes over the dragon mouth entrance: “A dreaded curse will fall upon those who enter here unless they carry the gleam of the stars on them.”

Pzo9031 kobold shaman

Rand smashed the runes on the floor with his hammer, which revealed a narrow pit and a ladder leading down. Bork scurried down the later and a moment later the party heard explosions. Bork emerged with one last kobold, shaking in terror. He gave the party a chest of “shiny good-goods, many treasures!” in exchange for his life. Bork interrogated the poor wretch and learned that the sarcophagus held their late King, Merlokrep, who had been slain by “pink fleshy ones,” and who had since become a wight. He didn’t have any idea where this King was at present, but the fleeing kobold from the first room, revealed to be a druid, named Depnaakra. The party granted the kobold his life and released back into his pit home. They took the chest to the next room and opened it, only to discover it was filled not with gold but with a swarm of poisonous centipedes. Bork took the chest back to the pit and dropped it in with the final kobold, who was instantly devoured.

After obliterating the kobolds, Rand wanted to go through the dragon’s teeth, but the party convinced him to instead pick up Zidan’s tracks back in the main tunnel. The tracks stopped suddenly in the middle of a passageway. After inspecting the walls, they discovered a hidden brick, which revealed a glowing portal. The party stepped through, weapons raised, and found themselves in a hunting lodge with two old human men playing chess and a third whittling in an easy chair. The statue of the boy that Zidan had been protecting sat in the corner of the room. Fraas noticed griffons circling overhead while peering through a window.

The three men turned out to be Colwyn, Gareth and, most notably, Tahgen Twinblade, the old magistrate of Griffton, father of the current one, and the man whose name the Green Wyrm decreed shall not be spoken. Tahgen told the party that his death had been staged by the Green Wyrm. The dragon had most definitely torn apart a real human being in the town square, but it had not been him. Tahgen had attacked the Green Wyrm, and even managed to pierce it, but then he smelled acid burning flesh and when he came to he was on the back of a griffin, clutching a single green dragonscale. When Tahgen’s men realized their fight against the Green Wyrm was hopeless, they fled. The griffon carrying the injured Tahgen found the men and led them to the base of the Griffon Tower, and showed them the portal at the base. The three of them explored the tunnels, found the portal to the snowy wood in the mountains west of Griffton, and built this lodge to house the Order of the Griffon. For twenty-five years they’ve been plotting their revenge against the Green Wyrm… but plotting is all they ever really did. The scale was used to forge two weapons: a longsword and a dagger, which they offered to the group. He said the longsword would bring the Green Wyrm down, and the dagger would finish him. The weapons only responded to those with a Chaotic Good alignment. Zinnaeris took the longsword and Shah took the dagger, which glowed as they were wielded: the sword emitting light like a torch, and the dagger simply flashing brilliant white when Shah first picked it up. Colwyn indicated that the weapons were meant to be used by Boko and Babdan Barduk, Rand’s two dwarven brothers. Tahgen also mentioned that the two brothers even helped forge the items.

The party asked about the stone boy and learned he was the son of Tahgen and was being held by the Green Wyrm before his attempted rescue. His youth belied his years, as the stone boy was a half-elf, like the current magistrate, and was roughly 25 years of age. Zidan had sworn an oath to deliver the boy safely and left the lodge two days earlier in search of a cleric or mage in the north who could return the boy to flesh.

Tahgen, Colwyn and Gareth knew and respected Boko Barduk, as Boko was of their group. They were the three other griffon riders at Griffin tower, and the ones who had constructed the funeral pyre for Boko. Tahgen said they knew nothing of the spyglass or Boko’s involvement with the pirates. Tahgen, Colwyn and Gareth also knew Babdan Barduk who was aligned with them against the Green Wyrm as a prior member of the Order. However, Babdan had grown impatient with planning and ventured into the North alone. He had not been seen or heard from since. When asked how the binding of griffon to rider worked, Tahgen pointed out that the griffons choose their riders, and that Boko was chosen after encountering the Order by accident in the grove where he played with Rand as a child, and later met his fate at the hands of the pirate gunslinger Blackhail. This grove was where the Order met their one contact in town, revealed to be Jackmerius, the “greatest liar any of us have ever seen,” as Tahgen put it. Jackmerius’s trips to the north were shown to be visits to bond with his daughter, who he had unknowingly sired. (The initial meeting where Draugarlond was lecturing Jack about ‘doing what he knows he must do’ was explained to be Lord Garland’s overbearing sense of honor and paternal instinct.)

Tahgen said the Green Wyrm has many sons and foster children. His sons are mostly unholy men, and the recent visitor to Griffton is assumed to be one of them. The Green Wyrm’s demesne is made of several small villages and towns in the north, as well as a capitol city called Belheim, which is a militaristic place, and has an army large enough to wipe Griffton off the mote. It was also told that Belheim and the surrounding lands practice slavery and human sacrifice, in accordance with their laws and traditions. It was suggested that the party could ‘pass’ as citizens if they were careful and wore disguises, which is how Zidan lasted long enough there to rescue Tahgen’s son.

Colwyn was shown to be interested in books and lore, and offered the use of his library to Fraas. Gareth offered his services as a healer to the group, who decided to rest in the lodge for the night, after exploring the grounds further and continuing to gather information.

Now that the party knows about the Order’s presence in the West, Taghen believes the Green Wyrm will soon know too, and it will only be a matter of time before he comes for them, seeking revenge. If the party attempts to kill the Green Wyrm, Taghen wants to be there. For the time being he asked the party not to reveal to his wife or daughter that he is alive.




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