• Dragaurlônd, Lord Garland, Patron of Scimitar Rock, deceased
  • the Oracle, a mystical giant fused with the tunnel walls, crumbled to pebbles
  • Sheriff Durri, an oread, and his guardsman: Timothy the Brave, the constables of Griffton
  • Jackmerius Stringfellow, sorcerer of Griffton, missing
  • Isolindë, defector pirate oracle, dead
  • Quinnla Tealeaf, halfling cleric of Griffton
  • Archibald Bush, proprietor of the Fallen Angel, ex-adventurer, ex-pirate, tiefling
  • Arvellan Twinblade. ex-magistrate, half-elven granddaughter of Dragaurlônd
  • Merindeer, a dark elf scout, returned after making contact with Griffton
  • Horacio (the) Beck, newly-elected Magistrate of Griffton, a bearded warrior

the Order of the Griffon:

  • Tahgen Twinblade, son of Thellan, once landed a blow upon Lord Garland (deceased)
  • Sir Zidan, an ex-paladin, father to Rand Barduk (captured, presumed dead)
  • Sir Colwyn, a bard (deceased)
  • Sir Gareth, a wizardly knight (deceased)
  • Babdan Barduk, eldest of the Barduk dwarves (missing, presumed dead, exists partially as a sentient longsword)

Elin’s Crew:

  • Sieffre, ex-captain
  • Sir Gaston Mercier, his first mate
  • Niowen, a rapidly-aging elven oracle
  • Sylviane, her friend and one of Sieffre’s bastard daughters, a musician
  • Izatz, a gnomish cleric
  • A craftsdwarf, a thief, a vicious fighter, a few dozen others



  • Boko Barduk, once an Order member, became a traitor, slain but lives on as a dagger
  • Galdûr, an invisible hydra abomination and “wayward son” of Draugarlônd, slain
  • Saharin, slayer of Draugarlond, would-be tyrant of Griffton, slain and dissected
  • the Erinyes, devil of Orburos, slain
  • “Rust,” a mysterious rusted ironborn with a connection to Sentinel
  • upon the Black Beach: proto-orcs of Gruumsh

Threats Piratical:

  • Galóndil, aka Blackhail, captains the Summerstar, member of the Agarchanar, led by ..
  • Lómil-Galdor, the Viper, who captains the Greyswan, based in the Drag-Suar Motes.
  • The Undead Menace: gnolls, Randula’s clan, Thellan, the whispering shadows, skeletal horde,the Penanggalen, festrogs, zombies, animals, crawling claws, wights, ghouls, skeletal giants… but the threat seems to have passed with the fog.
  • Monstrous threats: stirges, gnolls, basilisks, phase spiders, cave crabs, wererats, kobolds (King Merlokrep, the druid Depnaakra) oozes, kelpies, nagas, stone golems, trolls, manticores, and an aboleth

of Belheim:

  • Galerion (priest of Gavareth) and an ambitious son of Lord Garland
  • Daeron, another son
  • Elir, another son
  • The Evil Horse, valiantly slain as it fled

the White Wyrm’s horde:

  • the Wyrm itself (name is?)
  • his mate, Norreth, slayer of Rand, but vengeance was taken
  • frost giants, hill giants, winter wolves, orcs, drakes, dire wolves!
  • .. and of course, the ever-present possibility of Goblinry!



  • gnomish captain of the Azkar, a trading ship upon which many of our heroes arrived
  • Aven Maestro Harkshire, an infant
  • Captain Mordren of the hammership Crag, Jannian Navy
  • Admiral Firuz Shahriar, who made a surprise visit, interested in the spyglass
  • Baz Barduk, alchemist and admirer of Bork
  • Verion, venerable elf monk, leader of Sentinel’s monastery, slain by Rust
  • Balin Barduk, father to Rand, suicidally wandered off in his sorrow
  • Bethil Barduk, forlorn mother to Rand, matriarch of the clan
  • Rose, half-orc smith
  • Rivmores, elven proprietor of the general store
  • Haroun Khorshid, dockmaster
  • Léopoldine Pape, master distiller of Bushwhack Aged Rhum
  • Triwathien Twinblade, mother of Arvellan, daughter to Draugarlond, widow of Tahgen
  • Captain of the sky fishing barge (name?)
  • Eneko, a gnomish cobbler
  • The Roar In The North, heard the night of the Fantastic Music
  • Gaspard & Garbi, dockworkers, a dopey human and conniving gnome, respectively
  • Zuzen, a powerful gnome illusionist of Bork’s mote, restored from statue-form
  • the stone child of Tahgen, not yet restored
  • Yannick Bush, a tiefling visiting merchant and brother of Archibald
  • the mad gnome, Zorian, perished tinkering with the Heart
  • The Ghaele of the North, Rand’s birth mother, protector of a far-away place, prophet
  • the Druids: Jasna (elk) Radmillo (boar) and Veselka (an evil dire bear who slew Tahgen)
  • Elin, long-missing lover of Sieffre, thought to have been dragged away on the Black Beach
  • Gaëlle Nolwenn, travelling wizard who crafted the lesser portals on Scimitar Rock
  • The Wingless Dragon & the Winged Woman, the Tentacled Thing & the Blood God
  • Beck’s Uncle, disparager of Beck
  • “Stringfellow,” Belheim Zinn’s father, thought to be Jackmerius
  • Ozar, Belheim Zinn’s missing husband, last seen with their child
  • Angharad Glendis, an old crone with two teeth, one of Shah’s temporary companions

Belheim’s Refugees:

  • Azariah, an elven spice merchant
  • Zinn, a half-orc woodcarver and ex-slave
  • … and roughly 200 others, mostly elves.


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