Our Heroes

Shah – The dashing Ifrit rogue. The only original group member never tasting death. Cunning and quick in combat and diplomacy. The group’s most important diplomat and social glue.

Sentinel – The swift IronBorn monk. Died at the Battle of the Tower Portal, at the hands of construct slaying outsiders. Reclaimed from the planes of hell by his companions but still currently undead.

Rand – The brave Aasimar Paladin. Died at the 1st Battle of the White Dragoness. Came into undeath during “The time of the tainted Heart.” The evil vampire known as Evil Rand split when Rand was brought back to true life, by a resurrection purchased by his companions.

Deagha – The amazing human druid. New to the group after the fall of Belheim, during the groups trek to the Thoco’s mountain.

Korrak – Fearsome tiefling Bloodrager. New to the group during the rescue of Sentinel from hell.

Moir – Powerful and versatile caster of both arcane and divine magic, a rare and exotic race. New to the group after arriving at Ash Cliff motes after the catastrophe of Scimitar Rock.

Honored Dead:

Zinnaerris – mighty Half-Orc magus. Died valiantly at the Battle of the Black Tower, at the hands of the Orc Demon; favored of the Blood God. Beloved daughter of Grifton, first in friendship and in battle, feared by her enemies. Overcame curses, diseases, and lycanthropy. Slayer of devils, demons, dragons, giants and undead.

Bork – Powerful Deep Gnome Alchemist. Died valiantly at the Battle of the Tower Portal, bringing down a great Outsider arachnid beast along with him. A beloved “social wrecking ball” who knew how to cut straight to the truth of the matter. The moral compass of the group. Respected by allies, feared by enemies. Slayer of devils, demons, dragons, giants and undead.

Laush – Passionate Half-Orc Warpriest. Died tragically during the rescue of Sentinel on the Planes of Hell.

Departed Heroes:

Frass – devastating Sylph wizard. An original group member, instrumental in all the groups challenges until his departing. Succumbed to the temptation to try on an artifact Torc gained by defeating Thoco. Once donning the Torc, he is presumed to by possessed by an evil giant deity, and is the cause of the catastrophic destruction of Scimitar Rock. He is at large and presumed extremely dangerous.

Aven – Innovative Undine Bard. An original group member. Killed in item crafting accident but brought back to life and is currently imprisoned and awaiting trial in another plane for violation of interplanar laws.

Gfedcba resourceful Gnome Bard. An original group member. Was brave in the face of all challenges and loyal to his companions. Has gone to accompany Aven in the other plane during his imprisonment and to aid in his trial.

Beck – skilled human fighter. Joined the group during “The time of the tainted Heart.” Was the leader of Grifton until Scimitar Rock’s fall. And now has gone on to travel and spread the good news to the other motes of New Grifton and the mote of Galenthia!

Mirrendir – resourceful Drow sorcerer. Befriended and aided the group briefly during the “time of the tainted the Heart.” Returned to his Drow clan, is presumed dead during the fall of Scimitar Rock.

Our Heroes

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