Zinnaerris' Picture Book

A hand-painted picture book given to Zinnaerris by her mother.


The Tale of Zinnaerris

Page Normal Appearance True Seeing Spell
1 A teenage Zinnaerris rowing a small boat across an underground lake to a small island to retrieve a magical axe. Zinnaerris rowing a small boat across an underground lake to a small island to retrieve a magical axe. Skeletons swim up from the deep toward Zinn’s boat.
RUNE CAPTION: “The start of it.”
2 Zinnaerris riding a horse into an enchanted forest to rescue her best friend, a dwarf, who has been captured by pirate brigands! Zinnaerris riding a horse and drawing her sword. The dwarf is now Rand. One of the pirates is Boko.
RUNE CAPTION: “The hostage and the spy.”
3 Zinnaerris quietly entering a dark, dungeon room to battle an evil skeleton who is sitting on a throne. Zinn sneaking into a dark room, sword raised. Sentinel sitting on the thrown. Animated, Sentinel stands and two skeletons (with rusty armor and glowing eyes) walk up to stand next to him.
RUNE CAPTION: “The iron threat.”
4 Zinnaerris leaping across a chasm, a crumbling bridge falling away beneath her, resembling the bridges of your homeland. Zinn leaping to make it to the other shore as the bridge falls away beneath her. A bunch of others falling into the abyss. Bork, Gfedbca and Shaw falling into darkness.
RUNE CAPTION: “The plunge into the abyss.”
5 Zinnaerris proudly captaining an airship, the wind filling the sails! Background of the photo is a whale mouth about to swallow the ship.
RUNE CAPTION: “The whale swallows all.”
6 Zinnaerris in a throne room, being knighted by a wise and powerful king. The person knighting Zinn is clearly the green wyrm wearing a smug expression, sneering.
RUNE CAPTION: “The loyal vassal.”
7 Zinnaerris and another knight battling a vicious white direwolf, while protecting an elven princess, who is taking cover behind Zinnaerris. The direwolf growls at both Zinn and Zidan. Zidan slays the direwolf, then walks past Zinn and slays the princess. Zinn puts her weapon down when Zidan slays the direwolf, then is shocked when he slays the princess.
RUNE CAPTION: “The magician’s murder.”
8 Zinnaerris kneeling sadly beside a fallen form, which looks like the princess. It’s raining. Zinn kneeling by a fallen form, comforting it. Instead of being a princess it’s an enormous dragon with silver scales. It looks very old and sick. It’s raining.
RUNE CAPTION: “The failed protector.”
9 Zinnaerris, purposeful and wrathful, charging alone across an enormous cavern floor at a horde of waiting orcs! Background is different. Looks like it’s happening on top of a black structure (perhaps tower-like).
RUNE CAPTION: “The master of the orcs.”
10 Zinnaerris, bedecked in wreathes and finery, standing on a pedestal, waving to an adoring crowd who is cheering for her. Zinn is completely still. Crowd instead of cheering is wailing. Zinn is not there anymore, only her tombstone.
RUNE CAPTION: “The dream of the brokenhearted.”

When Zinnaerris was a child, her mother gave her a hand-painted picture book. It tells the tale of a heroic lady half-orc on a series of adventures. In one of the pictures, Zinnaerris fights alongside a knight who everyone agrees looks strikingly similar to Zidan. Fraas and Zinnaerris detected magic on the book, and discovered three auras: a light aura of illusion, a moderate aura of transmutation, and an unknown strong aura. When Zinnaerris looked at the pages of the book with a true seeing spell, the pictures changed.

Zinnaerris' Picture Book

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