Episode 135 Recap

Balls the size of a Mote, Old/New Frenemy, Tentacles reach

The battle is over, the heroes have one, Zinn is dead. Suddenly a Flame Strike, fit to destroy us all is screaming down upon us. And a shield of protection intervenes and saves all our lives.

Then Orborus speaks to us.

He laments about Galenthia opposing him, and the loss of his young spawn. Then he asks us what we want. We all pause for a while, then Deagha speaks first, he wants the world and the motes to be restored, put back together. Shah hesitantly echoes the same. Another long pause, and Rand says he wants nothing from him. Another long pause. Then he says “even now one of your hearts turns towards me, interesting…”

We go about the cleaning out the rest of the tower. The Orcs kill themselves to get out of our way. Gradually we explore this new fertile open land.

We establish New Grifton, lay out the structure of the baby city with organized streets, sanitation and clean water for all. We build a void dock and design safety measures for it. We create a market square to rival any that exists. We make place names and a statue in honor of Zinnaerriss. We explore the rest of the mote and establish where the best mining, pasture lands and farming is. And every time “we” is used it’s mostly Deagha. Who knew druids were well designed for city building?

In the meantime we invited all the Scimitar Rock refugees to the new city and the mote, newly renamed Galenthia – in honor of our miracle that saved our lives. The goddess of all goodness.
They all come, and with them most of the inhabitants of Ash Cliffs come as well, seeking a fresh start.
The mayor however, is not allowed to come, for his crime of turning a blind eye to the abductions against his people. Yet he was deeply repentant, and opted to stay on the Ash Cliff motes to try to make things better, and improve the lives of the folks in the wilderness who stayed.

We send the word out to all the motes. New Grifton, on the mote of Galenthia is a bright new spot to begin a good life. We seek highly skilled people of all types to come, contribute and prosper. Beck and other go out and spread the word. And gradually the people come. The population is already at 800 or there about.

Draugarland comes to the mote, and waits patiently on our ship. He has clearly charmed everyone on the boat. The group prepares for battle, goes into the great hall in the ship, we dismiss all the others and get down to business.

Draugarland, curtly named as just Garland by Rand, due to the loss of the title when Scimitar Rock fell, tells us why he came. He was intending to have our heads, in revenge for the death of his people, but when he arrived and saw so many of his beloved people from Belheim he suspended his hostility and instead was just wanting to find out what happened.

We told him all the bloody details about what happened first to Belheim after his death. About Thoko and the Torc, and eventually about Frass and the Torc and the destruction of the mote. He was deeply grateful for our rescue of so many. In exchange he told us much as well. For instance he never planned on killing the townsfolk of Grifton, he told us how he is the new leader of the Southern Dragon motes.

He told us how came to Scimitar Rock, and how Evil Rand has been pulling strings for eons of time. A great and terrible enemy. He believes the libraries he has access to might hold the key to returning Sentinel from unlife back to life, and he will investigate. In thanks Rand even invited him to come ashore so long as he only comes in peace, to visit with his loved ones from Belheim. And Rand even expressed willingness to support Garland in his leadership of the southern dragons.

Garland gave us his perspective of just how amazing and intense it is to have deities interacting against us and for us in our plane, even showed a hint of fear about what we did with Orborus. Galenthia is something of a secret god, and to name our Mote after her is pretty bold. “How bold?” Well we’d have to ‘have balls the size of mote’ to do it. We all felt the fear of that, but there’s no way to take it back now.

After the peaceful completion, and new almost-friendship forged with Garland, and after all the magic item creations were complete by Deagha and Moir we prepared to set sail. With Evil Frass still at large, as well as Evil Rand, we want to see about the other aspects of the heart. We suspect the two of them might have bad intentions for them. So Moir uses our one single Miracle scroll to return the artifact spyglass to us so we can find the heart’s pieces.

But instead of the spyglass returning, Moir has the exact knowledge of where it is and where to find it placed in his mind. It is in the possession of something big and bad and lurking down in dark storms at the bottom of the void. We load the ship with only the essential crew and combatants and we set sail on our newly rechristened void ship “the Scimitar”.

We go to where Scimitar Rock once was, then we circle around descending in elevation to come to rest at the lowest level of navigable winds, just above where the storms and clouds rage constantly. We look down and out into the void but cant see a thing. Then once again Deagha answers the unspoken call, cast a mythic spell to control the weather, and all the storms beneath us for a mile in ever direction immediately obey. The winds calm, and the clouds part. Giving us a wonderful clear view.

A wonderful clear view of the terrifying Shadow Squid/Kraken hurtling through space directly for us. Tentacles reaching, seeking us. The whole of it much larger than our ship, moving at blazing speed. It’s still far off in the first instant we see it, but its speed will put it upon us in only a split moment. On its back it carries 4 riders. They are masked and cloaked, they can fly as well.

The exciting conclusion to follow in the next episode.



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