Episode 133 Recap

Mourning, Moir and a dangerous Woman:

The party along with the remaining survivors begin to settle in to their new lives. Meeting people and slowly integrating. In order to help with the grieving, Rand creates a stone memorial for the people lost along with Scimitar Rock. With the help of all the survivors, he compiles a list of all those lost and with the help of Balin, his dwarven father, carves the names of everyone who was lost, on a large memorial stone. Include at the bottom, beneath all the names is the inscription:

“Our mothers, our fathers, our children and our friends; we shall carry you in our hearts. Your lives mattered, and we the living shall remember you. AR 352(the exact date). The day Scimitar Rock fell into the void.”

The group builds up the nerve to scry on Frass. Is he insane? Is he evil? Is he a danger to other motes? Where is he? Are all the unanswered questions that fester for the group.
Deagha leads the group to a suitable forest pond that can serve for the druidic version of scry. A gnomish hermit lives in cave adjacent to the pond, which proves to be rather inconvenient for him in moment.
When the spell is cast, no vision of Frass appears but the sounds of his child-like laughter fills the air and swarms of demonic rats come spilling out of the previously pristine pond.
Taken by surprise it turns out to be an intense close fight for the group. At one point Korrak takes cover in the Gnome’s cave. Suspecting his foul involvement with the rats, she bodily expels him from his cave and into the fray. He survives, barely, as does the group with the help of a new comer.
He arrived on the scene just in time to be of help, Moir a skilled and versatile caster of both divine and arcane spells. Like many in the group he seems human, but is not completely. His blood is mixed with stranger stuff. And like the rest of the group he too was struck by a type of light, giving him far great powers, and was drawn to the same area as the group. When he heard the sounds of battle he came to help.

Prior to that he was among the Ash Cliffs towns folks preaching a positive message and passing out small metallic amulets for those who like his message.

After some time and camaraderie the group invites Moir to join in and adventure with us. He accepts. And then he lets us in on his secret that all the amulets he’s been passing out are means for him to magically listen in on the wearer.

Sentinel and Zinnaerris have been taking the time to teach and tend to the many poor and neglected children of the town. Rand tends to many with diseases. Deagha is hard at work crafting upgraded equipment for the group. Korrak and Shah spend time getting to know many in the town.

Shah in particular meets a young woman who has a skeleton in her closet. No really, it turns out she really did have a skeleton. Or at least a dead body. After there tryst came to an end, and with some investigation in the local graveyard the group discovers she has been abducting people, and also exhuming bodies from their grave site. To do with the body, was as yet unknown.

With Korrak’s help Shah instigates a party among the social elite, as a cover for the group to get close to this young woman and investigate her more directly. Everyone brings tasty cuisine to the party. The woman in question brings some delicious sausage. Rand and Moir enjoy extra helpings as the woman’s evilness is noted by Rand. A drunken dwarven woman is seduced by the suspect and sent to her home. The evil woman being the daughter of wealthy merchant in town. After she leaves the party and heads to her home, to do what ever vile thing she had planned for the drunken she-dwarf, the group follows and then quickly pursues as she makes a break for it, detecting she is being followed.

The fleeing woman proves to be very quick and capable, but with the speed and decisiveness of Sentinel through the door, and Zinn smashing through the window, the intense fight is over quickly. The young villainess ultimately being subdued and overwhelmed by the group in the kitchen. Preventing her escape down a hidden passage in the kitchen floor.

Deagha in hummingbird-of-death form quickly scouts the passage, leading to the outer edge of town and the mote. He hears Orcs waiting outside the passage. Deagha returned to the group and with Sentinel as reinforcement the struck off after the Orcs.

The rest of the group searched the house and questioned the servants. A butler and footman. Both of which had sweet feelings for the necrophilic young woman but were innocent of any of her doings. Rand and Moir were particularly disturbed to find where she hid the body of her latest victim – who knew cadaver sausage was that tasty.



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