Episode 123 Recap

A Congregation of Devils

It’s approaching dusk, so the party members take watches. Fraas sets up a mental alarm at camp, so he can focus on scouting, with Gfed’s eagle’s help. First watch passes uneventfully, however, on second watch Shah and Fraas notice that Gfed’s eagle is flying above scouting and there is another hawk, circling the area. Gfed calls back his eagle, and Shah quickly detects good on the suspicious bird, finding a moderate aura. The hawk flies and perches on a branch nearby.

Fraas tries to cast true form on the creature, but fails. In response, the bird flits down to Fraas and squawks, “why’d you do that?” The bird morphs in a man, a druid. “My name is Deagha.” Deagha begins to describe how he was here to monitor these forces, sent by the druid council he is a part of in the northern regions. The ice dragon’s reaches have extended south into the druid territories, almost wiping out the elk population. He had woken up here, after the ‘strange times’, with a mammoth herd, the rest of his tribe missing, presumed dead. He notes that the regiment at the falls in only about a tenth of the army he’s seen.


As second watch ends, Gfed and Shah head to bed, and Aven and Rand awake. Rand sits up, with a shocked look on his face, “I know how to raise the dead. My mother came to me in my dreams and showed me.” Dawn breaks.

With Rand’s new power, the group sets to resurrecting their slain friends. Zinn & Fraas teleport everyone to Quinnla’s. Deciding to begin with Sentinel, they take Bork’s body into another room. Rand speaks in a celestial tongue and lays hands on Sentinel. Suddenly the candles blow out, the room vanishes from sight and everyone is falling.

Fraas casts featherfall around him, catching Aven, Rand and Deagha. The are blown through a portal, reaching a stained glass window that they shatter through. They are hurled toward the ground of a large cathedral made of crude stone walls. Chucks of the wall and ceiling fall as they are crashing through, some breaking through the ground where now blue shafts of light bleed through. Screaming, Laush falls right into one of these shafts, as a bright blue beam of light leaves her hand, striking someone sitting in the front pew of the room.

The room is filled with devils, watching a procession along a red carpet, woven in stained flesh. Skeletons surround the room, there are bearded devils with spears, bone devils, devils covered in carrion insects, barbed devils with serrated, lashing tails, erinyes, and flanked by skeletons on the throne, sits Sentinel. Also on the dais are a two larger more vicious devils: a chain-whirling, horned devil, and a flaming winged pit fiend. There was also a suspicious hooded figure, facing Sentinel, but the moment the adventurers broke through, the being vanished.

Zinn rushes a cluster of bone devils. A bearded devil swings a glave at Zinn and misses. A group of three rush Rand but only one strikes true. Sentinel, apparently just as unaware of his being here, rushes a kneeling ice devil and punches. Some bearded devils rush Zinn biting, stinging with tail but miss, and begin clawing at her. Fraas arcs lightning between an ice devil and bearded devil. Deagha summons lightning, then begins casting a spell. An unrecognizable non-devil in the front row strikes at an ice devil. Another devil breathes cold air at Sentinel, obliterating the skeletons behind but not affecting the ironborn. The erinyes entangle sentinel in magical ropes. Rand slices a barbed devil in half at the waste. Shah stabs at a bone devil. The pit fiend shrieks, “Surrender the prince, or your souls are forfeit!”


Defiantly, Zinnaerris arcing pool strikes a barbed devil and slaughters a couple bearded devils. Sentinel withdraws from the ice devils and charges at the devils surrounding Zinn. Fraas lightning bolts a barbed devil and two ice devils. Deagha summons an ettin, its first head obliterates a skeleton and cleaves into an ice devil, its second head, destroys another skeleton. Deagha morphs into a stegosaurus and clears away some of the devils surrounding Rand. The non-devil humanoid fells a badly injured ice devil, then charges the last standing ice devil, which responds in kind with a spear attack. Rand cleaves the devils still surrounding him. He steps behind the devil fighting Shah to flank. Shah takes advantage of this slaying the devil. Zinn and Sentinel finish off the last barbed devil

With most of the smaller devils defeated, only the erinyes, the pit fiend and horned devil remain, though they are likely much more powerful than the adventurers can handle. The horned devil flies at Rand who shouts, “let us part ways!” The devil pauses for a moment, then answers, “agreed”, casts defensively, then casts dispel good, but Rand resists. A voice speaks in everyone’s heads “this is not yet over.” Then a roaring infernal deep voice bellows, “AWAY TO THE KING.” The two erinyes disappear and the rest of the devils teleport away.

Rand goes to talk to the non-devil human woman, introduces herself as Korrak. The rest of the group sets to looting the devil corpses. They find much coinage and art items, which were presumably gifts brought for the procession. Deagha finds a masterwork hide and a frost spear; Shah loots a masterwork shortbow and ring of sustenance and hands a masterwork composite shortbow to Rand, who also discovers a wand of effortless armor; Fraas finds a bunch of wands, scrolls, potions and oils; Korrak picks up another frost spear. Look around the room it seems like there were halls and doors before the walls crumbled, but now the plane appears torn. The blue light emanates evil and is an endless drop. Laush is nowhere to be seen.

Rand asks sentinel what was going on. Sentinel remembers waking up after dying outside of here, a rocky barren plane. Looking at Rand, “The other ‘you’ compelled me to come to this room. Other devils came to watch me ascend to the throne and pay respects. When ‘you all’ arrived, the other ‘you’ said, ‘not yet it seems’ and disappeared.”

Deagha turns into a dire bat and takes the party and Korrak one by one, flinging them back through the stained glass and back into the portal. Deagha and Fraas fly in behind. Everyone appears back at Quinnla’s just as before. Sentinel opens his eyes.

Everyone heads to the tavern to wile away the night. Sentinel diverges to wander the night alone, but Fraas interrupts him, hands him back his hourglass with a nod and a look, and then lets him continue his amble in solo.

Everyone idles around town for the night, healing, resting up as needed.



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