Episode 111 Recap

From beneath them...

After a busy night of wretch, sick, and blood the group awakens with chat about the mysterious druids, the problematic graveyard filled with potential undead, and the disembodied witch’s head. With no immediate solutions at hand, and potentially needing distraction, it is suggested the group decides to spend the morning hours investigating the caves across the lake.

The group arrives at the docks where apparently work has been stopped. The party splits into two available rowboats in order approach the tunneled out cavern in the rock cliffs across the water. Zinn, Bork, Gfed and Fraas take one boat and make headway over. Shah and Sentinel share the second boat, while the seaborne Aven swims happily alongside.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the party, Shah sees a frightfully beautiful dockworker who is helplessly drowning. He, seemingly without conscious thought, jumps in after her. Aven notices Shah’s risky behavior, and ducks underwater. Ahead he sees a form, translucent, slicked skin, horsey teeth, bubbles dribbling from its maw when it spots Aven espying. Aven attempts to strike the creature, but instead becomes enchanted at the monster’s sudden metamorphosis into a distressed damsel. Another of these Kelpie beasts appears next to an abruptly unenchanted Shah and grapples him.

Bork, now with his group’s boat upon shore, wades into the water for a closer look at the distant commotion near the second boat. Without warning, a serpentine Naga pops into vision on the shore and immediately Zinn feels a sharp pain in her neck, literally.

Inexplicably, Bork projectile vomits up a carpet of swarming spiders. Aven is dragged down by the Kelpies, but narrowly escapes, after being saved by Gfed’s water elemental. The strike of an enlarged Zinn misses the Naga, Bork sickens, Sentinel drops into the water. The Naga bites Zinn again, but this time get hit hard by Zinn’s counter attack; the Naga floats unconscious, frothy blood bubbling out its mouth.

All the other creatures immediately run away in fear. Aven lassoes and recovers a panicked Sentinel to the boat. Aven also retrieves a submerged corpse in possession of a shield of faith, light hammer, masterwork scale-mail, and various gems and coinage. Fraas harvests the Naga’s tooth while Bork tends to Zinn with an antivenom.

* * *

The gang proceeds with their investigation of the caves. Immediately upon entering, Fraas is caught frozen in shock upon finding small crop of strange flowering plant. When he pulls a sample from the rockbed a chilly draft arouses. Bork looks on a bit further, but impatiently urges the group out and back to deal with more pressing matters in town.

On the way back, Bork mentions he actually saw something more deeper into the caves, but decided the group didn’t need another looming mystery or doom at present. Fraas, still locked in a stupefied gaze at the plucked sample of plant, draws from his pocket a similar branch, albeit long dried out, and says, enigmatically “This is all I know of myself.” He trails off, mumbling “what I’ve been looking for…”

Back at the tavern, an inquisitive Fraas experiments with the strange powers his connection with plant provides. He is able to control mild winds, float gently and after short practice is left in the room to practice his barrel rolls.

Meanwhile, the always diplomatic Shah is tasked with broaching with the magistrate the group’s concerns of the township’s recently deceased come undead. Suggestions of cremation in a ceremonial bonfire, sky burial, and exhumation and reburial outside the walls are all met with consternation.

Fraas begins experimenting with the local tavern rats. Feeding one a small scrap of plant without effect. Instead, he wields his own winds to float the rats around.

Bork visits Quinnia to assess the state of those who were struck with boils in the previous night’s scuffle.

Fraas uses his winds to dry out an obliged Sentinel. The plant twig finally begins to wilt.

At the end of the day, it is getting colder.

* * *

Before nightfall, the group decides to attempt a visit to Tahgen, although upon reaching the door in Archibald’s cellar they hear unsettling movement. A peak through the door’s spy-hole reveals a small horde of Skeletons, Zombies and a Horned Leader. CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! Bork hurries off to warn Archibald.

Gfed, Shah, Zinn and Fraas decide to make way to Jack’s in order to make use of his teleportation transport. As they leave the main city gates, guards are muttering, shaken and uneasy from the stirring coldness and encroaching blight. In the near fields, a hawk is seen catching something… the mangled, yet thriving corpse of an undead squirrel.

There is smoke coming from Jack’s chimney. He greets them in wearing a thick fur coat complete with bear’s head. After a short chat and another attempt at scrying Rand, they teleport to Tahgen’s lodge. Upon arrival, the group briskly informs Tahgen of recent ongoings, suggests barricading his doors and lets him know that it may be some time before the next visit.

Back at the tavern cellar gateway, Bork hears a scratching on the door, low in height. When Bork backs away, the scratching sound rises. There are sounds of swords scraping on stone.

After teleporting back to town, Jack laments and recommends that from now on everyone stay inside the town’s walls. Everyone is rejoined, and discuss how to proceed.

Gfed’s lyre is used to procure a mass of firewood. It’s getting really cold. Gfed lets his eagle fly.

The Magistrate holds a town meeting to discuss what to do with the town’s recently interred. The Bardukes, among other townsfolk are visibly upset.

Bork assembles a group of stone cutters to make chimneys. Sentinel quietly patrols. Drury posts watch at the gravesite in town.

* * *

The party takes watches. On second watch, Bork and Shah hear a clamor in town. Shah runs out, with Drury and his troops joining hastily. A hole where the statue used to be now looks down into old warrens under the city. Bork peers down and sees over twenty crawling hands and many undead milling about. The rest of the group rapidly assembles and townsfolk are sent away.

Aven shoots a hand to get them to charge. Zinn casts flaming sphere. Festrogs emerge. The Penanggalan floats. Shadows are rising. When the Hands finally reach the top they claw at Gfed. Bork franticly tosses his bombs.

A strange Dark Elf suddenly flies into the fray, casting burning hands at the evil horde and shouting to the group, “Friend, Friend!”

A fireball from Fraas wipes out half of all shadows. Zinn immolates the rest with her flaming bow.

Shambling forms intrude from the dock. The witch’s head entangles and draws blood from the Drow. Aven misses a hand. The Drow, using shocking grasp, picks off the remaining undead.

Fraas sends acid arrows at the impending front from the Dock. Commotion is heard from Tavern. A crossbow bolt twang. Archibald shouting. Bork runs over to see that the evil mob has busted through into the tavern. More Festrogs and Undead.

Aven shoots the horned Skeleton. More acid arrows. Barnacled undead approaching. Bork hurls a molotov. Gfed casts word strike. Fraas shoots magic missiles. These Undead had no chance.

Zinn and Shah rush to the tavern to find the door lock busted. They quickly assemble an ad hoc barricade.

An armored figure running from a fourth front, Drury. “The graveyard has risen.” Drury and his men have taken care of it for the moment.

It is again still and quiet in town.

* * *

The group convenes in the town square with their new Drow ally, Merindeera of the underdark. He claims to offer help and alliance as his clan has battled against the typically evil Drow culture. Bork threatens him and walks away. Merindeera continues on, telling of a recent surge of undead in underdark. An alarmed Bork reapproaches, “They’ve surrounded outside the walls!”

“Wait, where is Sentinel?” “Sentinel must be in trouble!” Without delay, the Drow crawls down the massive hole to the sunken statue were Sentinel was last seen. He comes upon an iron man hogtied with a bag over his head. “Are you friend of surface adventurers?”


This was awesome to read for sure. Great job John!

Episode 111 Recap

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