Episode 106 Recap

The Arrow of Portent


Bork and Aven, who, unknown to the rest of the party, had been off on a little side mission, meet back up with the group in the basilisk’s chamber. Zidan tells everyone that he’s taking the, now encased in stone, child from the north and bringing him to safety under the direction of the child’s father. Asking for Rand to let him chat with the rest of the party privately, Zidan divulges a prophecy about Rand, that he will either save this world or destroy it with a righteous act. Either way, he’ll think he’s doing the right thing. Zidan describes how paladins can be immune to the effects of fear, but that this immunity sometimes includes the fear that one’s actions are incorrect. Zidan reveals that the prophecy came from Rand’s mother, who is described as a goodly being, “not of this world” and “a protector of a far away place.” Zinn appears to recognize Zidan, but makes no comment of it.

During the conversation, the cave crabs come out of hiding and commence an attack on the party. One of them snatches Isolinde and carries her off. Shah attempts to free her by shooting the beast with an arrow, it hits, but the crab and Isolinde falls from the 50 foot high ceiling and crash into the water. The crab lands on top of Isolinde, crushing her. The blood of their bodies attract a swarm of carnivorous leeches that pick her unconscious body clean. The rest of the cave crabs run away in fear.

Aven uses his special abilities to create a navigable and mobile cavity in the water and finds a small cave at the bottom teeming with loot. Of particular note is a arrow that can kill a good outsider in one shot, and an armor made from angel’s skin. Shah dons the angel skin, which makes him radiate goodness, as seen with a Detect Good Wand also from the stash. It also reveals that Rand radiates a similarly strong aura of goodness, while Zinn, Zidan, Aven, Gfed and Shah (without the armor) radiate a lesser aura of good.

The party argues for hours about whether to keep the arrow. Rand vehemently says it should be destroyed, while Bork claims it might be useful, as he reveals to Rand what Zidan had prophesized. Others in the group are less inclined to make a decision, but eventually it is kept. A forlorn Rand moves ahead through the tunnels a bit quiet and alienated.

The party follows further into the tunnels past the basilisk’s corpse where they reach a large room with a foul cesspool. A horde of wererats attempt to ambush them, but Sentinel’s fists and Fraas’s fireballs make quick work of them, but not before Zinnaerris gets bitten. After the rabble settles, the party argues about what to do about Zinn’s bite (should they kill her at first sign of a were-rat shifting?) but they know they have three days to cure her.



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