Episode 105 Recap

Bread for the Oracle, Stone for the Rest


Back in town, the adventurers found themselves quite busy. They became aware that the green wyrm wanted to meet with them and tried to find out for the town magistrate and Sheriff Durri what the wyrm could want from them.

In the meantime, Fraas and Shah acquire a sail to be used as a cloak for the giant oracle, and the rest of the group decide to acquire provisions (tons of flour, etc. for bread baking and some rounds of cheese) in order to feed the him. They reenter the tunnels via Archibald’s tavern and what can only be described as a “bread baking montage” ensues. The oracle is fed and given his newly fashioned cloak, and seems very happy. When helping him don the cloak, Fraas notices that the oracle’s body is merged with the rock of the tunnels, which very well explains why he kept trying, but couldn’t stand up.

After returning from the tunnels, the group takes their meeting with Lord Garland. After apologizing for keeping tabs on the group, and specifically to Rand for judging him harshly for his brother’s crimes of piracy, he implores the group to tell him what they have found out on this mote, but the party is reluctant. After a short and awkward silence, he states that he is not a fool and asks how the party travelled into the Griffon Tower and then reemerged in the storeroom of the tavern. The group quickly realizes he knows about the tunnels. Mid-chat the group takes a highly disrespectful private aside to discuss what to reveal to the green wyrm. At this point, Sentinel recants almost everything, including what they found out about the spyglass, but choosing to omit commenting on the encounter with the stone giant. This is done much to a silently seething Rand’s chagrin. The dragon seems to already know about the draconic portal at Griffon Tower, or at least that there was something to the place, but he mentions that the griffons would harass him if he ever came near. He states that he hated conflict and taking life, and did so only when required and with great sadness. The wyrm also denies that Boko had been killed. He insists that he had spotted Boko on a pirate ship escaping to the south, and affirmed that his eyesight was very good.

The green wyrm tells the group that he will be leaving the mote soon. His family has called him and it is not the kind of summons he could refuse. He says he doesn’t know when he would be back, that it would be at the very least three months from now, with the possibility of an indefinite leave. He commends the group on working together and wants them to continue doing what that are doing and to look out for the good of the town. He tells them if they need any help, his representative could assist us, and that one will be on the way shortly.

The group finishes up the conversation, questioning the wyrm on his spying banner, which he claims was not his doing, but that “it must’ve been an aide with perhaps too much initiative,” and they also ask about the two children from the Gnoll attack. Lord Garland says they are quite healthy and happy, and being seen to. He also reveals that he has many ‘caretakers,’ implying that he has a large community in the north. Finally and forcefully, he states that his home is still his domain, and that the rule forbidding traveling past the offering point in the North still applies in his absence.

The party returns to Griffon Tower to see if touching a different stone on the draconic portal teleports to a different location, which is does not. Before traveling through, however, they notice the dirt around the tower was freshly scuffled, and there were tracks leading within to the black disc.

They re-enter the dungeon only to find its paths drastically changed. All the tunnels loop back on themselves with only a subset of the original paths available.

They travel down one tunnel and discover a trap and two dead men. The bodies are looted and after much searching, it is concluded that the trapdoor might be the only way out. Some stones of the trap are loosed to reveal a ladder leading into darkness. Zinn ties a rope around herself and is lowered into the pit, where she sees some shallow water beneath. She tosses some rations into the water and thinks she detects some movement. Suddenly she is latched onto by the tongue of cave crab that was scrambling across the ceiling of the chamber. Rand scurries down the ladder and jumps to save her, but the both end up falling into the water. The rest of the group rush down the ladder and manage to fight off and scare away the crab-like beasts. It is then that they all notice a bunch of stone statues in the water and on the shore of the shallow pool with a tunnel leading beyond. They notice on of the stone statues resembles Isolinde, but the fingers on one of her hands are broken off.

From the tunnel a basilisk emerges and engages the group. Sentinel is turned to stone in an attempt to melee with it, leaving Rand and Zinn to finish it off. Zinn recalls from her expert tutelage under Jackmerius that basilisk blood can be used to bring statues back to flesh. They harvest enough for three statues and given that there are only a few intact statues, Sentinel, Isolinde, a child, a gnome and an armor clad man. Impatient with discussions, Zinn tosses the blood on Sentinel, Isolinde and a knight.

Shah cauterizes isolinde’s finger wound and she retells that two men had grabbed her when she came down from Griffon Tower and dragged her into the tunnels. They were killed by the trap and somehow she ended up in the pit with the basilisk. The knight bursts into tears upon seeing the stone statue of the child, runs to cry over the boy, saying he was supposed to protect him. Rand recognizes this knight, it is his former mentor, the paladin Zidan.



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