Sneak Peek at Episode 102: Scimitar Rock, Part Two

When it rains..

Campaign date: 2 Ayez (Month of Steam) – 425 A.R.

Green wyrm 1

Parleying with Draugarlônd?

Griffton has suffered its worst attack in decades, the Jannian Navy arrives with a surprising guest and an even more surprising request, and the heroes must deal with the green dragon Draugarlônd, who has perched atop Jackmerius’s tower. Familiar and unfamiliar foes threaten the uneasy peace of Scimitar Rock. And to make matters worse, someone in Griffton is not who they seem to be …



“Let the wicked become good. Let the good become peaceful. Let the peacful become Free. And may the Free, free others. Draugarlond, your days are numbered.” Spoken by a great Angel in a dream by Rand Barduk.


Spoken by a great Angel in a dream by Rand Barduk.

Rand's Dream.


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