Episode 101: Scimitar Rock, Part One

New arrivals and new troubles.

Campaign date: 1 Ayez (Month of Steam) – 425 A.R.


The griffons of Scimitar Rock watch over those who enter its bay.

The spring months preceding this first Winesday of summer were peaceful, yet saw many exciting events and new arrivals to Scimitar Rock. An aerum vein was discovered, foretelling great prosperity for the town of Griffton, and the mostly-dwarven Barduk family set about the construction of a mine. The gnome-captained trading barge Azkar docked on this first of Steam and a mysterious ironborn disembarked, marking the last of the new travelers. While some of the citizens thought them to be possibly villainous, town’s newest guests proved themselves to be heroes, when they answered the alarm bell to fight off a ravenous pack of starving gnolls who had devoured a pair of farmers and two thirds of the Griffton patrol. The heroes rescued the farm children from certain doom and the outlying homesteaders took refuge behind the town’s wooden palisade. Sorrow gripped Griffton as the mourning residents buried their dead and pondered their uncertain fates on the eve of the Jannian Navy’s biannual appearance. After seeking the advice of Sheriff Durri, the party decided to pay a visit to the wizard outside of town, and upon their arrival discovered DragaurlĂ´nd, the great green wyrm Patron of the Rock, perched atop the tower.

Gnoll defenders by ben wootten

Notes: Fraas (John), a lithe male human with strange blue tattoos covering his body, also arrived on the Azkar, continuing his mission to explore and catalog the natural world. Arriving on the prior months’ trade ships were Shah (Neil), a flamboyant male half-elf with a penchant for the womenfolk of Griffton, and Bork (Rich), an alchemically-inclined, obsidian-eyed, slate-grey deep gnome — a rare sight on Scimitar Rock! Leading the robed, ironborn Sentinel (Derek) and these two adventurers in the slaughter of the gnolls was the civilized, female half-orc spell-sword Zinnaerris (Allison) — long time apprentice of the town’s wizard — and the earthsmasher-wielding Rand Barduk (Aaron), the adopted human son of the Barduk dwarves. In the weeks before this battle, and after he wowed Baz Barduk with his alchemical skill, Bork and the heroes quested to gather sassone leaf, and unfortunately leaarned that stirges sometimes nest near sassone bushes. Sentinel found the trail of an old elven friend Verion to have gone cold. Shah showed great initiative in providing a valuable service to the community, earning many pieces of gold in the process. Bork initially was convinced that Sentinel was a lich. (In fact, he still might be .. so Bork remains wary.)




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